Cozy Nest Home

Welcome to the web's coziest place: Cosy Nest Home. Here is where the things that make a house into a home get talked about, shown and detailed as well as reviewed and recommended if I think they deserve it!

Creating a comfortable living space is what we're all aiming for when we set up a new house or have just moved into a new place.

That process is more than just about filling it with a bunch of furniture and hoping it will all look OK. The layout and design needs to be what we want it to be rather than merely what we need it to be.cozy nest home

That takes some creativity, thought and ideas! Part of the reason this website is here is to help you to create, think up and make real your ideas by turning them into the various items that will create your home and make it personalized to what you want it to be!

What will you find in here?

Making a Home

There are a lot of things that go into making a home, especially one that you really want to enjoy and not just merely live in or occupy.

So let's take a look at the things that transform a cold, empty house from four walls and a roof into a place of comfort, safety and repose.

We begin with the d├ęcor and that starts with the finish and color on the walls, the ceilings and the floors. Then we have the necessary accessories like doors (and door frames), windows and then lights, lights and light switches as well as electrical outlet points. Don't forget the basic bathroom and kitchen fittings!

Next we get into the more interesting stuff: furnishings!

That includes chairs, sofas, display cabinets, beds, wardrobes, tables... it can become a pretty long list, but I think you get the idea!

Putting it All Together

Once we have the main furnishings, we need to put them all into their respective places. Here we need to find a good balance between functionality/practicality and asthetics and basically what looks good.

Remember, the final layout will be to your own personal design. Depending on the size, shape and layout of each room in hour house and which type of furniture you choose along with the color and overall feel, you can and will create a uniquely designed home that is all yours!

That's your aim and what you will be working toward achieving in the creation of your special and personalized living space. Our aim is to help you find the right items, furnishings and accessories (at the right price, of course) that all fit with your chosen color scheme to make it a reality.