Dining Room

When it's time to sit down to a nice family meal, a nicely designed, decorated and furnished dining room makes it a special time for everyone to eat together.

It goes way beyond just featuring a bland, rectangular dining table and some equally bland, hard chairs around it with little else to make the room feel particularly welcoming to eat in.

Making the place you and the family eat their main meals together into a really inviting space that adds ambience to every mealtime can really transform your home into a place you want to spend more time in.

In today's fast paced environment, it's just too easy to grab a sandwich from the kitchen and then eat it as you rush out of the house on your way to whatever is so important to you at the time. Whatever happened to spending some quality family time together over a carefully planned and beautifully executed meal?

dining room storage ideasWell, when your dining room is designed to be especially welcoming and pleasing to the eye as well as having a wonderfully crafted layout that feels good to be in, those special family meals can make a return.

How lovely to be able to enjoy a meal together in a really inviting and comfortable space!

Designing an Amazing Dining Room

How do you go about planning and designing that extra special place for relaxing over a great home-cooked meal?

There are some really good ways to transform a boring, bland room into a really special one and the place for spending mealtimes is no different. By paying attention to the furnishings themselves as well as the way the room is decorated and the lighting, marvellous things can happen.

Let's look at some ideas.

The Table

Modern dining tables come in so many designs and materials these days, it can be hard work choosing the right one for your domestic refectory.

Start by choosing the size you need to accommodate the whole family and then plan everything else around it. If you like to entertain, you may need to invest in an extendable table to cater for additional guests, but make sure tat when extended to its full size, it still fits into the room with enough space around it for people to sit and also move around the room.

The Chairs

Generally, dining chairs come with the table as a set, but you're not necessarily limited to that choice.

You can shop around to find several different chair sets that will compliment the table you have chosen, so spend some time looking around for the right ones that you'll like and that are also comfortable and will fit in with the room's d├ęcor.

Display Cabinet

A commonly found item of furniture in this room is a display cabinet.

Generally, this type of furnishing comes with glass fronted areas to put certain items of interest on show along with a number of drawers and storage areas for crockery, cutlery, napkins and other items.

dining room area rugWhen the right piece is chosen to suit the room, it can add a lot to the overall feel of it. There are many variables aside from the cabinet's design, such as the color of the wood, internal lighting design and the unit's size and how well it fits into its space.

Area Rug

A good looking designer area rug certainly livens up the dining room in any apartment. A great tip is to place an area rug directly underneath the dining table and set the dining chairs or other seating to suit the orientation.

This is a unique and eye-catching decorative element that really can add a sense of drama and interest using clever design and placement.

Another plus side to including a rug is the softening effect it provides for the room as well as helping to dampen sounds and give the whole area a warm feeling that is both inviting and comforting.


The place designated for eating meals with the family or with guests is an important room in any home. It should therefore be welcoming and have a warmth that creates an atmosphere of comfort.

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